About The Talent Solution

The Talent Solution is a boutique executive recruiting firm that specializes in sourcing, headhunting, attracting, personally evaluating candidates, and filling key positions for Israeli startups and mature companies operating in the US.

Over the years, growing by word of mouth, we’ve built up networks of genuine relationships that enable us to source the highest-quality talent and execute quickly. We also specialize in consulting on how to communicate in the US arena.

Using the most advanced sourcing methodologies and AI tools, we invest in every way possible to reach and attract your desired candidate.

Why Boutique Matters

We’re boutique.  How does that help you?

Well, we understand that startups have a special ecosystem with distinctive and complex recruitment requirements — be it finding first hires or scaling up existing teams — that are hard to find and in no time. Achieving that requires getting to know your DNA and what you need. That’s why we kick-start the process with a good cup of coffee.

We then offer you a customized solution using our expertise to fill key positions. Expect personalized treatment, because, for us, each client is unique and not just a notch in our belt.

Our edge is that we know both cultures and mentalities. We’re professionals with high-standards all the way. Are passionate, driven, accurate, and mean business. Yet we’re creative and flexible

We’re appreciated for our honesty and super direct, hands-on approach! In fact, we rank success by the satisfied feedback we get from the people we’ve worked with, our reputation, and by our market stability.

We love what we do, are fascinated by the process, and have made amazing connections in so many industries. We have also been privileged to work with some of the most creative and innovative minds in today’s startup nation!

Most importantly, we’re on your side every step of the way and see your success as ours!