Team's Stories

Edith Davidson

Founder and Principal

It started with a decision to pack up my family and career and relocate to the US. I’d completed my masters in Organizational Psychology and had success as an Organizational Development consultant for the Israeli Defense Forces. Starting from scratch was frustrating. After experiencing a difficult professional search, I had to reinvent myself.

Then I had an idea. If I was finding it tough as a foreigner with no US professional experience, what about Israeli companies trying to succeed in the US market? In 2006 I founded The Talent Solution to help these companies find top local talents who would fit their culture and needs.

I love what I do and contributing to the human growth of remarkable technologies and breakthroughs that shape our future. On top of The Talent Solution, my 4th baby, I’m a wife, mom to 3 boys, chocolate-lover, vintage collector, and startup nation addict!

Ella Rashkovich

Digital. Sourcing and Research

After spending 10 years as a bioinformaticist and project lead with biotech startups and incubators, I had fallen in love with new technologies, product development, and the startup world.

I joined The Talent Solution to establish its market research agile processes and expand awareness of the company’s achievements and presence. After 2 years, I transformed these methods into sourcing, headhunting, and helping to fuse the best talent with exciting startups. Every day I am exposed to a wide variety of gifted people and exhilarating technologies — some of which make Sci-Fi sound archaic.

When I’m not digging the web, I shoot nature and street photos, explore the countryside, and strive to see the other side of everything.

Ace (former ‘Shpitz’ = spike)

Chief Community Social-ist

Whether in Israel or the US, I am a solid member of the team. I am gracious, friendly, wise and fit my company’s culture perfectly. Humbly saying, I am a head-turning creature. When I enter a room people stare at me. When I speak, they listen.

After being diagnosed with cancer, I was abandoned by my “family.” I went looking for them until I collapsed. Luckily, I was rescued by an animal welfare association. They helped me recover and found me a new family. It was love at first sight!

I’m a kind of night owl: lay flat most of the day and active at night. I love to eat, weigh in at 56 kg/123 lbs., chase cats for fun, and play with my family.